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I understand the fear of outsourcing your social media & the overwhelm of not knowing what tools to use. I offer affordable social media, systems, and digital marketing solutions to solopreneurs & agencies.

Let's take social media off your to-do list so you get your time back with an affordable solution designed for solopreneurs!

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What's Social Set up & Clean Up?

You need Set Up if you feel like you should be on social media but your eyes practically roll out of your head thinking about the time and logistics to set it all up. I'll set you up on the most appropriate platform(s) for your business and handle all the annoying logistics!

Clean up is for you if you have like 5 different Facebook pages (you think) because your intern thought they were helping but accidentally duplicated a bunch of stuff. Sound familiar? Freaking out because you cannot figure out how everything connects but you know there's a few accounts floating in the abyss? I can clean them up, delete the crap and keep the good stuff!

Prices start at $297 for this one-time service

What Exactly is Social Media Content?

This is where I ask you some seriously juicy questions about your biz and then masterfully write compelling content that your audience actually wants to read.

Never again stare into your computer with glazed eyes wondering what the hell you should write about what you do and how in the world to find your audience.

I can create graphics, moving graphics (wooow), write up the words, hashtags, and all that social media jargon you hate so you never have to open up Facebook (or any other platform) ever again! Spend a few minutes with me to get hours back for yourself!

Prices start as low as $99 

Social Media Engagement? Explain...

You know how you hate the feeling of being poached or advertised to? Like when you get a LONG private message on LinkedIn from someone you don't know?

I create a legit messaging strategy where I reach out to qualified people, start human-centric conversations that match your real personality and voice and don't creep people out. I get you in the inbox of people who might want to work with you.

I'll also answer messages & keep your social accounts active by liking other content, commenting, etc, it's critical for the growth of your account and gets you closer to making sales.

Prices start at $197 

What Customized Graphics do I get?

If you know the exhaustion of overthinking what to post on social media then you know that creating graphics can be just as big of a pain, right? What program do I use? How do I make this the right size? What the heck do I make??

I can supply you with graphics that actually fit your brand and your mission that you'd be proud of! I'll make them fit on any social media platform or even make your emails, presentations, proposals or website SHINE!

After just one quick onboarding conversation I'll come up with a plan that fits the budget and your look whether you need graphics just once or every month.

Prices start at $197 

Websites: Here's How I help!

You're in one of 3 places right now:
1. You need a website and have a teensy weensy budget
2. You hate your website and want a new one from scratch
3. You like your site and just need some help 

My speciality is keeping it affordable. I have pro's who design, re-design, or totally redo your site based on your budget. No tech talk, we use plain English to have a discovery call, then send you a proposal and simply get to work. How about a surprise-free process to a new and effective website? Sounds good to me!

Prices start at $197 

Why you Need Blogs and Copywriting

'It's not just what you say, it's how you say it!' ring a bell? If you're lost in the sauce not knowing how to talk or write about yourself then your audience will be just as clueless.

Allow me to write the content (the words) that go on your website, into your blogs, or even into your emails so we take one more thing off of your to-do list and ensure it's compelling, and on-brand for you.

Stop wondering what to say and how to talk about what you do and please, never start with "it's complicated"! Let me get the words on the page for you what you do and how to hire you is super clear!

Prices start at $55

Emails & Newsletters Are Necessary

Don't you love the people you help? Yes of course! So when you don't make sure you stay in touch with them, it sends the message that you don't care or don't remember.

People thrive on connection! So build connection by letting me write up and/or automate your emails so your people feel remembered and cared about. Building trust is what sets the stage for new sales.

Just because you *can* doesn't mean you should handle setting up, writing, segmenting, and scheduling your emails all alone. Don't be an alonepreneur, let me help you execute; connection = possible new sales!!

Prices start at $55

What the Heck are Social Media Ads?

Sometimes thinking about running a Facebook ad is about as exciting as getting your tooth drilled, right? It's not just another thing to know about though, social ads are powerful!

We'll execute Facebook, Instagram and/or Pinterest ads, whatever we beleive is best for your biz and budget. We know what works, we've seen thousands of dollars raised for events using ads, increases in the number of people who interact with your website or social media, etc. Please don't try this one alone, you could waste a lot of money not understanding all the parts of this. We'll handle the logistics and be your guide to growing!

Prices start at $297 

Learn How to Use Social Media

Doesn't it feel like social media comes with it's own strange language? Like every day you seem to hear some new word you're supposed to understand? ::insert eye roll here::

I feel your pain and I'm not willing to let you feel lost in the social sauce any more! You are an expert in your industry, you're a badass and you don't deserve to feel confused and overwhelmed!

I'll train you privately via Zoom, hold your hand and walk you through any platform and answer every single question. Walk away with confidence and get back to growing your business!

Prices start at $297


1. Book a Discovery Call

Book a call with Lori! I understand the overwhelm of not even knowing where to start so I keep it SIMPLE. You tell me the budget,  I ask you a few questions about yourself, your goals and your biz and give you a custom plan for your exact budget!

2. Receive a Custom Quote

You need social media to keep your business relevant but don't need to waste your time and energy on it. I give you a proposal that's literally only been made for you. I offer you services that match your goals and get you in front of your audience. 

3.  Sit Back & Let us Go to Work

It's actually that SIMPLE! You OK your proposal (or tweak it if you'd prefer) and then we execute. We establish expectations, get clear about how you like to be communicated with, set up timelines and get to work. Imagine opening your social media or website and seeing magical content and graphics...just there!


Workflow = Results & Money Flowing

You don't need a "VA" you need a "WE". If you're a solo-entrepreneur AKA you do every πŸ‘ single πŸ‘ thing πŸ‘ in your business then you need a Workflow Executor who can undo all of the sh*t that's not making your life and business flow with ease and replace it with SIMPLE, repeatable and affordable systems. 

HowWe Do It

You can choose to be immersed in the Workflow Strategy coursework with Lori directly either one to one or in a small group. You get her attention for about 12 weeks of training, a dozen hours of training and development, direct access to her, live training, and walk away never needing systems help again!

Or you can choose to hire Lori hourly to personally fix your ish for you. Clear out the calendar, clear our the gmail and set it up properly, implement calendaring and marketing automation systems all of which are free or super affordable. 


You set the budget!

We create a plan of services to fit that budget

You're overwhelmed enough, this shouldn't be hard. There's no hourly fees or surprises. Just one flat rate that you set and we make a plan. Like this:

Lori, I have $200/month MAX to spend and I need social media help!

Great, based on your needs and your industry I've come up with 2 plans that can help you get in front of your audience, start conversations and keep your posts consistent for $200/month MAX!

But how can you write content for my brand, how will you know what to say?

Looking for group training options
and pricing instead?